Puerto Rico has been said to be the unofficial 51st state of United States. It is a commonwealth of the United States. Meaning they get much of the same freedoms as states in the United States but do not pay taxes to the US only to their government. They do not have a vote in the senate or house of representatives. They do have people who don’t vote but who try to get members who do vote to vote for laws for them. There have been elections in the past to become the 51st state but it always comes out just slightly ahead for staying a commonwealth. So if Puerto Rico is not going to become another state then who?
On every continent there are countries with governments who don’t need or want to become a state.
I think the only thing that could happen is maybe annexing oceans. They would be cities that are built either on the water as huge boats out just off the coast, or cities built below the surface with access to the main land through huge underground tunnels to land. The cost would be great. And the only reason to do it would be if we ever ran out of land for people to live on here in the United States. I don’t think that is going to happen soon.
So if not here on continents or ,in, or ,on, the water then what?
Well there is space. And I don’t mean planets. What about huge spinning space stations that have hundreds of miles of land spinning on its axes to produce artifical gravity. You could have lakes, continents. albet made by humans and spun for gravity but with direct access to space. Just another way of reducing the population of earth or creating new economies to support Earth.
To be far I don’t think you would be able to reduce earth population much, but building these cities, country, space stations would be another way for the United States to take in new states. Withholding judgement on what the US presently is doing in Iraq and around the world, I believe the US is a great country with great potential. Lets hope that new states are brought in and we continue the great experiment either in on oceans in space and beyond.

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