The confidential video uncovered by Barling & Barrett has finally found its way onto to the mainstream news.  It is a raw Black and White video that Casey calls the start of her own video log.  Despite showing this 4:19 snippet, none of the news outlets have a clue where it came from, how it was obtained and where Casey Anthony is hiding.

An exclusive to Barling & Barrett from the retired private investigator who weaved her way through the crocodiles of Internet chat rooms to find this video and to locate the city and general area that Casey Anthony resides, will provide answers to the questions that every Casey Anthony trial follower wants to know.

Where is she?  What is she doing?  What does she expect to do in the future?  Who is she dating?  Who is paying for all of this?  Is she remorseful?

Tune in on Sunday for the inaugural episode of Barling & Barrett on Criminal and Civil and listen to news not heard anywhere else and a robust discussion of the current status of Casey Anthony.

Bring your questions and get ready to comment.  We welcome all callers and all opinions.  Don’t miss it.  We will wow you.  We will astound you.  We will give you Casey Anthony information unheard anywhere else.

On the 4 minute video snippet Casey Anthony alludes to it being the first of many. Barling and Barrett can confirm that there is at least one more video lurking around, one dated Nov 6. News agencies are banging doors down to get their hands on it. Yes it exists, and yes it confirms that that this is not an elaborate Youtube hoax.

Hopefully by Sunday we will be in a better position to talk about this video and it’s content.

Please join us on Sunday at 1pm pacific, 4 pm eastern, for what is likely to be a pretty eye opening program. To listen live, please use this link.

Barling & Barrett

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