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Family of Haleigh Cummings upset about financial exploitation of the missing child
The Haleigh Bug Center in Satsuma, FL has reportedly been re-located to the city of Mckenny in Baker County.

According to early media reports the center was created so Crystal Sheffield, the biological mother of Haleigh Cummings, would have a place to stay close to the scene while searches were conducted etc. as to avoid excessive travel.

Jeremiah Regan, administrator for the center, was contacted and asked about the facility, its purpose, incoming donations, book-keeping, and how the money is being used. “Please do not contact me any further via email, phone or any other way. Any further attempts to contact me will be viewed as harassment,” he said.

Ragan’s response to a request about the center’s funds will not come as huge shock to many. Suspicion and mystery has always surrounded the center from the beginning, always providing vague explanations to the media about its purpose and how the donations were being used. At one point Regan referred to the center as Crystal Sheffield’s “career path” which was alarming to many.

The small business scenario is not impossible, however. “They’re selling shirts for $20 that cost $4 to make,” said Ruby Kanger, mother-in-law of Haleigh Cummings’ grandfather, Johnny Sheffield.

According to Mike Picazio, husband of Kim Picazio, attorney for Crystal Sheffield, he helped arrange for the Haleigh Bug website to be created, and personally paid the monthly bills on a few occasion in the past. Kim Picazio said she has personally paid for Haleigh ‘awareness’ items out of her own pocket.

The questions surrounding the status of the center are not clarifying, or excluding the idea, that this enterprise is a small business selling the “Haleigh Cummings” brand – no other purpose being known.

“[The Haleigh Bug Center] isn’t serving the purpose it was set up for,” Kanger said. “I don’t understand how [moving the center to Baker County] is going to help with searches for Haleigh.”

“I’d be climbing up trees, trying to get a better view of the ground,” Kanger said, describing how hard a parent of a missing child should look. Kanger, along with those in her household, are among the very few in the family who continue to seek the child’s whereabouts with ground searches.

Kanger said her family does not approve of what is occurring with the Haleigh Bug Center and shed some unique light on the mystery that has always hovered over the facility and those involved in keeping it. “There has not been one search coordinated out of the Haleigh Bug Center,” she said.  “They were supposed to coordinate searches out of there.”

As of this date the website found at offers no clue as to the physical location of the facility, exactly who operates it, or who makes an accounting for the books; assuming there are books The website has one contact number for people to call if they would like to make a donation – it also has what appears to be a message board with no active links to receive comments, questions, or public opinion.

Kanger said she wishes William ‘COBRA’ Staubs, her client, would re-open the facility and keep his vehicle parked out front, which represents legitimate purpose and desire to search for the missing child. Staubs said he could not re-open the facility because of “The sins that have occurred there.” He said he will continue searching however, and is in dire need of a cadaver dog for a few select-site searches his client desperately wants searched.

With requests for information being considered acts of “harassment” by Haleigh Bug Center founders, and no further information forthcoming, the only financial investment known to be made in keeping the facility going is from Michael and Kim Picazio.

Michael and Kim Picazio wish to not be contacted any further.
“I think it’s time to stop the charade,” Kanger said.


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