Myra LewisIt has been well over a month since the day little Myra Lewis just vanished from the front yard of her home after her mother left to go to the store. Her mother told the kids to go back inside and that was the last time she has seen her daughter. The father was inside with a baby tending to it in the back bedroom and had no idea Myra wasn’t there. Once discovered that she was missing a massive search started with the police that has been non-stop ever since.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker assures the public that they have not stopped searching for the child and now at a news conference held today he is asking for the help from the public. He is asking that the people to please keep their eyes open and to report to them anything that they might know to help find Myra no matter how significant it might seem to be.

“We need the help. We’re asking you guys to keep the story alive and keep her picture out there. Someone is going to match it up,” he said. “When you start getting tips from a broader area, you have to give some credence to the possibility she could be in another state or another part of the country.” Although he says he doesn’t have any evidence to back it, he still believes the child is still alive out there somewhere.

Authorities say they have received calls from 10 to 12 different states about Myra. Tucker says that even with the FBI offering a $20,000 reward for information on trhe whereabouts of Myra, it has not brought in many tips.

Ericka Lewis, Myra’s mother is presently being held at the Madison County Detention Center for a probation violation stemming from when guns were found by the police as they were searching her home looking for clues about what has happened to Myra. She is currently on probation for felony food stamp fraud so she was charged with being a felon in possession of firearms.

Tucker acknowledges that the mother’s arrest was bad timing but unfortunately the law is still the law. “It’s a felony crime, so any felony is a serious charge. Once you’re are  convicted of a felony, you’re not supposed to have firearms and if you do, it’s another felony,” said Tucker. “They were in the home right beside her bed. She had dominion and control over them, yes.”

Rankin-County District Attorney Michael Guest denies any rumors there might be that they are holding Lewis in order to get more information about the little girl.

I beg everyone if they know anything about where this innocent little 2 year old child is, please report it so they can bring this baby home. She must be scared to death not knowing where she is or who she is with. My prayers will be that she will be found alive and safe.

Jan Barrett

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