Every day there’s an announcement that Native Americans and Macau have grown beyond Las Vegas revenues and are accelerating in the gaming business.  Plus online gaming is a growing part of Internet Commerce in the United States even though it is an illegal venture in the country.  And governments like California support lotteries that support such as education needs in lieu of additional taxation.  I doubt there is a government anywhere without religiously influenced leadership that has not considered this source of revenue whether it is to be publicly or privately sponsored.
And yet there isn’t a day goes by that there isn’t a major Las Vegas development item in the news.  The major casinos are planning to grow and new ownership especially from Israel and Dubai as well as Wall Street has recently become involved.  It isn’t just the casinos and resort hotels and second home condos that are making news any longer, there’s new interest and investment in night clubs and pool clubs and shopping and conventions and sporting events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships that are keying the growth.
In particular, there are now thirty night clubs with significant investment operating in Las Vegas.  The financial results of each may be murky, but the Tao Club/Dinner House in the Venetian is the highest grossing restaurant/club in the U.S.  Even if the bottom twenty percent of these establishments is struggling to find a place, the numbers are great.  Add these to the growing pool scene/clubs mid day and you can see that these are no longer just amenities to attract gamblers. 
Rather the gaming is just another attraction to the coming Vegas scene.  The slots are the biggest attraction in the Las Vegas gaming scene which implies to me that the majority customer is not interested in acquiring great skill at games of chance.  Rather the thrill is in the kill that is the flashing lights and buzzing attention of the win.  Mental strain is not sought. 
Since the gaming scene is subject to extreme competition, look for more of the same growth in Las Vegas as the century unfolds.  The infrastructure is in place without parallel elsewhere and the City’s attitude regarding new attractions is perfect for the modern entrepreneur seeking to perfect an original concept or establish a mod to the established attractions.                 

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