Satsuma Florida- A question that sounds all so familiar when even thought.  Like Caylee, Haleigh has vanished leaving no trace as to her where abouts. Where is Haleigh? For months I thought many possibly thousands of times where is Caylee. Sadly Caylee’s body was discovered not to far from the home her and her mother shared with her grandparents. I stopped thinking where Caylee is, no longer was that a nagging presence in my mind. Now just a few months after Caylee’s body was found, there is another missing child out of Florida being blasted and paraded all over the television and internet. Little Haleigh Cummings, a doll a sight in any parents eye. One of the sweetest precious sights I have ever laid my eyes on. Sadly I have acquired that nagging presence in my mind again. Where is Haleigh?

Thousands of children go missing each and every day not only in America but all around the world. Yet we don’t get to see them or hear there names. Why Haleigh, why Caylee? It saddens my heart to know that all children don’t get the same rights, or coverage as other children seem to be graced with. Yet I can’t help from caring for Haleigh even though she gets more attention and coverage then any other child missing every day since her disappearance. I think and contemplate where is Haleigh. The last person to see her has given multiple accounts as to what transpired the night she disappeared. The person who last had contact with Haleigh has been questioned numerous times. Its understandable considering that person was the last one to see Haleigh. Haleigh’s father was out of the house working when Haleigh disappeared.  Haleigh’s mother doesn’t reside with Haleigh, she lives in another town.

Unfortunately Haleigh lives in an area infested with sexual offenders and predators of various kinds. They reside all around where Haleigh spent her days for months.  I recall reading that within a 5 mile radius to where Haleigh lives there are 45 sexual offenders.  They are everywhere, it is not just a right as a parent but a responsibility to be aware and take advantage of the tools given to us to inform ourselves of who is living near us.  We are these children’s protectors there shelter. We can’t just let them roam free and hope they will show back up when the street lights come on. Where is Haleigh? That is the burning pit inside of me now. Where did she go, who has her, why was she taken? I don’t blame her father for not wanting to move back into the house she disappeared from.  I couldn’t do it myself if I were in his shoes. I’d rather live in the tent in the mud. I am at a loss for words. I read that Haleigh requires medicine for an ailment she was born with. If she is alive and well she needs this medicine to be healthy.  Does whoever have her realize this?

I can only hope and pray that whoever has Haleigh will come to there senses and realize that they have the power to help her. To put an end to this, to let her family have her back. I hope that whoever is holding Haleigh captive will look inside themselves and outside at her. She is a human she has blood coursing through her veins, she breathes oxygen, and she has a soul. She in not the property of whoever is keeping her captive and if she is alive being held by someone that’s the only way I can think it in my mind. The thought of her not being alive is just too much to bare so soon after Caylee. I am a Joe nobody. My feelings and thoughts amount to a hill of beans. That doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It doesn’t mean I don’t want to see this child home again. I am like the thousands of other people in the world, American, Canadian, Australian, and Irish etc. that want to see her home.

This stopped being just for America the second it was released to the internet. Me, like thousands of other people want to see Haleigh returned safe to her family. If she is out there somewhere, someone is watching her they know she is the most sought after child today. Please bring Haleigh home.

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