2haleigh.jpgThis is a question we all have asked for almost 19 months now. There are arguments all over the internet about who thinks who is guilty. There are fights over who says what.

The past couple of days I have been observing comments, theories, and yes even our own coverage of little Haleigh missing. The question keeps coming up, where is this precious little girl.

Families battle against each other. Dirt get slung every which way it can. Bloggers attack each other over and over. Some don’t like what others say and then others come back at it and before you know it everyone splits up on teams. Before anyone thinks I am talking about anyone in specific, they are wrong. I am talking about all over the internet in all the forums, and blogs.

My question is how is this helping find Haleigh?  I have seen this question several times from all those that care about Haleigh. I don’t know how anyone can say I don’t care for her when I say that so often myself, but this is not about me or Simon or BNN and I really want to keep this about the only one that matters here. We all know who that is, Haleigh Cummings!

4haleigh1.jpgI realize I have said a lot in this case about family members involved in this case that some of you don’t agree with. I realize now though that I may not have been fair but I don’t think I have ever pointed my finger directly to one person. I have offered theories about what could have happened. The truth of the matter is that no one knows for sure who is responsible for Haleigh missing except those that are responsible. We can only offer our theories or possibilities. With all that said, I am apologizing to all the family members on both sides of Haleigh’s family for hurting any of you, that was never my intention.

I like everyone else only want to find Haleigh and I firmly believe that by keeping her name out in the public will help. We keep hearing that this case is not forgotten and we are assured it has not gone cold, but until they have someone behind bars and charged with doing something to Haleigh, I think the more we put her name out there, then maybe someday someone (hopefully soon) will have enough of the secrets and tell LE about that missing piece of the puzzle they need to solve this case and maybe justice will finally be served.

5haleigh1.jpgThere has been no news from what I can tell in the case and this worries me.

I know I am going to get a lot of flack over what I write here, but I don’t care. I know in my heart that all that matters is that Haleigh is missing and has been away from her families for almost 19 months. I think it is time she comes home.

Please help me keep Haleigh’s name out there. Nothing else matters at this point. Help me through our prayers that God will lead us to Haleigh and bring her home to her loved ones. They are suffering as well. I have to admit one thing. I believe every one of her family members love her and miss her and want her to come home. I pray with them that this will happen soon. God bless them and Haleigh. Also God bless all of you that want the same thing as I do. Let’s join together instead of fighting. Thank you all, you are the best.

Jan Barrett

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