Where is Colonel Baboucarr Jatta? Casandara asked!


It’s been nearly two years that the Gambian people didn’t hear from the ignorant and arrogant so called colonel of the Armed forces who balk behind power to intimidate and exert arrogance on Gambian people during his days as Army Chief and Interior Minister. From the Massacre of students on April 10th 2000 to the arrests and intimidation of journalist and harassment and intimidation of innocent civilians, Baboucarr Jatta surfaced from within and outside. All this happened when the ignorant and despicable fool was showered with undeserved positions by Gambian President Yahya Jammeh.He didn’t expect such positions that he became arrogant, rude and trigger happy as he thought he is indispensable.

Baboucarr Jatta whose birth place cannot be established came from parents who immigrated to the Gambia from Assile in Cassamance, Senegal. As poor as his parents, young Baboucarr grew up in the hands of different people until he finished his primary education. The pauper sat for almost two years until he was rescued by Mr. Nuha Jammeh of Old Bakoteh, founding Principal of Kotu Senior School now at Mrs. Ndow School who volunteered to take care of him sending and sponsoring him through High School; If not for Mr. Jammeh he would have joined the bumsters like his brothers did before he send them to the Army and Immigration offices, the same industry he helped to destroy. This is how he climbed into the world of the military which he put over his head and raised his chest and neck like a demigod. At the helm of his power in the state Government he joined with his Parliamentarian Paul Mendy and Chief sacked and reinstated Sheriff Ajay Janneh in a string of illegal and unconscionable practices beyond imagination.

He initiated and directed the land dispute in Farato, adulteration in Jambur and land grabbing in Tujereng, Tanji and Brufut with the aid of NIA diamond thief Kajali Jawara and his cronies. He became power drunk, dragging families, intimidating communities and threatening clans and their supporters with unconscionable torturing and all sorts of illegal practices which his boss, President Jammeh wouldn’t do. As things got put of hand and the president sees him as a match to him, he sidelined him; but when he lied to the Paul commission about his assets and finances, claiming everything he owns is a donation from the President; He was mercilessly booted out by his boss, who created him.Indeed,he has a storey building at the “corruption boulevard” in Kotu with Baba Jobe,Yankuba Touray,Lie Conteh,The Singatehs and so on; compounds that belonged to members of Jawara’s inner circle. Since then there was unsubstantiated rumors of him heading missions in Qatar and Cuba; it wouldn’t materialize because such a novice knows only the barrel of the gun and nothing about diplomacy.

He has since secluded himself whilst his victims still continues to bleed. He was the Architect of the Massacre of innocent students, whose siblings are still crying for justice, he seized and left bare peoples lands and the people of Jambur and Farato still continues to fight over the land dispute him, Ajay and Paul created; Above all the lady in Jambur is divorced without him Marrying her; All this mess is from the despot and despicable animal in human flesh that he is. The struggle left him an orphan as all his parents perished in the mess, left him a pauper back again and when all things becomes equal, the victims shall rise and seek vengeance; Ask  Adeddayo,”Beware of those you meet on your way up, for they might be the same people you meet on your way down”. Please come from hiding and surface; since your evil deeds would forever haunt you; from now to posterity. Time will tell.

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 (Archive on Friday, August 31, 2007)
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