Consistently, the media is reporting that scores of American celebrities are threatening to move out of the United States and seek political asylum in Canada if a Republican candidate captures the White House in November. When, President Obama was installed as the Commander-in-Chief almost eight years ago, these hoards of glitterati didn’t head for the borders. Just the opposite, they rallied around the Obama agenda that promoted causes such as Pro-Choice, homosexual marriages (more precisely unions,) and legislative actions that promoted programs of increased Civil Rights for minorities which included an erasure of the Mexican-American border in order to permit more immigration and to retroactively sanction illegal aliens already living in the United States. Throughout all of this disruption of the fabric of American life, Americans that remained moderate in their political status quo, along with their conservative cousins never threatened to leave the United States if their agendas were not implemented in a leftist ideology of social experimentation. Conservatives and moderates remained at the helm of their beliefs and worked diligently behind the scenes to correct the sociopolitical extremism emanating from the left for the good of the entire United States population. Why is this the case with moderates and conservatives in the United States?

Perhaps the answer resides in the maxim postulated by Saint Thomas Aquinas in regards to moderation. Thomas maintained, “Virtus in medio stat,” “Virtue lies in the middle.” Such a proclamation eschews notions of extremism that creates any polarity which causes our society to react with any sense of social, political or theological extremities. Gravitation towards the extreme, regardless of political right, or political left distorts an understanding and true comprehension of the issues at hand. In response to this popular lifestyle of ideological extremism, Saint Thomas Aquinas maintains that the best place to view holistically the popular issues of our society is indeed at the center of observation, where an objective 360 degrees view might be achieved. Extremism for Saint Thomas Aquinas is not a character flaw of Scholasticism, it is a bacterial infection that is fastidiously avoided by discerning Thomists, the Catholic Church and successful political and royal dynasties. The mere hint of extremism in any form sends these groups into a frenzy that elicits a loud call to arms against the impending influences of the extremists. A position in the middle of ideological proclamations permits a more objective observation of the important and critical events that fuel social and political movements. This position advocated by the Angelic Doctor, makes the Liberal Left cringe in the same way demonically possessed individuals gyrate in agony with even a view of Holy Water. Liberals don’t represent the common good, they represent what is good for them. This position of entitlement is precisely why any possibility of a more conservative mode of government results in a Liberal flight, not experienced since the Exodus from Egypt. Well, their insistence to leave the American ideals behind and seek refuge in other countries is their choice, and a welcome solution for those of us that have suffered the outrageous activities and promoted causes of the collectivism of Liberals. If indeed our northern neighbor, Canada is willing to tolerate their brand of moral indifference, then please go north to the border and please don’t come back. Liberal tendencies of collective socialism is incompatible with American democratic principles and the realities of our economic system of Capitalism.

For all of the self congratulatory, politically correct, and astutely sensitive environmentalists that want to preserve the life of a single ficus, but are willing to endorse a society that institutionally advocates the murder of unborn children, we moderate conservatives and out cousins the right wing conservatives applaud your imminent departure and joyously convoke a solemn Te Deum of gratitude at your desire to depart the land of the free and the home of the brave. Please, when you disembark at your Canadian destination, be sure to spread your cultural preferences of being designated as African-American-Canadian, members of metro-sexual unions and your antagonistic attitudes towards moderate expressions of American life and government to our friendly neighbors to the North. After all, how is it even possible that the great Dominion of Canada has continued to exist without Whoppi, Rosie, Cher and Raven, all of whom disdain surnames cumbersome for the Illuminati of Hollywood and properly maintained by the House of Windson-Mountbatten. America gladly gives our precious self crowned royalty to Canada, long may they stay!

When it comes to threatening to leave the United States as an act of reprisal against the American electoral process it is immediately apparent they really did not believe in the American dream, they merely exploited it for their own personal and professional rewards. Americans that are rooted in our principles of political beliefs and personal freedoms directed towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness wish you all a fond farewell. Please don’t come back if the political choice of the people was not enough socialism for your tastes…we won’t miss any of you!

By the way, do you have room for Hillary?

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