SPD, as in Sorriest Party in Deutschland? Although when you get down to it, Germany’s SPD is actually two parties in one (maybe even three, nobody knows for sure, but the two cadence thing is catchier for the marketing people). You know, like two mints in one? Takes a licking but keeps on ticking? It melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

But it is melting, that’s for sure. SPD members are jumping ship faster than it can sink these days, and that’s fast. As a matter of fact, for the first time ever, the Social Democrats are no longer Germany’s largest political party (with the exception of two other parties from the not too distant past nobody likes to talk about if not absolutely necessary, that is, but they don’t count).

That’s right, the big “people’s party” Volksparteien party is over. Chancellor Merkel’s CDU isn’t doing much better. Everybody goes for these flashy and sporty party models like the FDP or the Greens or even the Left because-it-wasn’t-really-all-that-bad party these days. These are the parties of the no future (well, maybe the FDP) and everybody knows it, but hey, you’ve got to vote your conscience. Even when you don’t have one, I mean.

And speaking of not having a conscience… It looks like I’ve just got to give another O-Word update (be patient with me people, it’s still an O-bsession). Remember all of that enthusiasm and solidarity at the Victory Column just a few days ago (Dumb question)? Well, after hinting at more German participation in Afghanistan, in part to, now get this, “finance lower taxes for middle-class families” (American families), Mr. you-know-who got promptly chastised from some of the very good-buddy German politicians who had been applauding him the day before. Here are two quotes:

“Under no circumstances will the German taxpayer pay with more money and more troops for Afghanistan for tax cuts in the U.S.” Dieter Niebel, FDP.

“It is the opposite of solidarity and partnership when one side is to make more sacrifices and the other gains an advantage from it.” Erwin Huber, CSU.

This is coming from the more conservative side of the political spectrum here, mind you. The ailing SPD (and those to the left) didn’t even have to comment upon such an outrageous request. They all insist upon not having heard a thing. And sources found at the upper levels of the sinking SPD headquarters in Berlin have strongly suggestion that the person in question must have been suffering from some serious jetlag when he, uh, didn’t say what he couldn’t have said.

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