An American documentary about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq will be among four world premiers to take part in the competition at Berlin’s upcoming 58th annual Berlinale Film Festival.

“S.O.P.” (Standard Operating Procedures) by director Errol Morris will of course be a purely objective and even-handed look at the examination techniques used by American interrogators at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison and will certainly be a valuable contribution to the long-awaited and first ever uncolored and unemotional assessment of the present day situation in Iraq.

The other impartial and unprejudiced contributions will include “There Will Be Blood”, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, a story about a poor silver miner who lives the American Dream and viciously claws his way to the top to become an unspeakably horrible and exploiting, blood-sucking US oil magnate, “Gardens of the Night”, about two innocent Third World children abducted by money-hungry American mercenary maggots and left to fend for themselves upon relentlessly brutal and crime-infested American streets, and China’s “Beijing Bicycle”, a touching story about how a band of four capitalist American patent pirates steal and unscrupulously market a poor Chinese peasant’s invention for what will later be the world’s first bicycle.

Organizers of the Berlinale, world famous for its apolitical nature and passionate dedication to the art of film and to the art of film only, are needless to say very pleased about premiering these wonderfully dispassionate and uncolored works of cinematic excellence, although one or two of these flicks are actually in color.

Lights, camera, objectivity!

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