Here’s a few heart warming stories of union officials living large off the dues stolen from their membership.

… but remember, they are only looking out for the little guy!

Allied-Industrial Workers (PACE)
Claudia R. Thompson found guilty of embezzlement of union funds and falsifying records on August 15th.

United Auto Workers (UAW)
William Haynes pleads guilty on July 9th to falsifying records, $10,000 in dues money missing

Bakery and Tobacco Workers (BC&T)
Sharon Burt, convicted of embezzlement of $72,701 in union funds in March.

Boilermakers (IBB)
Jeffery Klope, pleaded guilty on June 13th to embezzlement of $25,794 from the union.

Carpenters (UBC)
Paul Hernandez and Kenneth Castaldi found guilty in August of embezzling $143,000 from training grant bestowed upon union by state of Indiana.

Communications Workers (CWA)
Kermit Dorsey found guilty on June 22 of embezzling $22,798.29 in union funds.

Electrical Workers (IBEW)
June 4th, Kenneth Mays sentenced to five year probation for embezzling. Must pay restitution of $37,197.

Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
Evelyn Lewis, charged on April 27th for embezzling $10,265.

And these reports are just from this year alone!

OK… I’m tired and there are dozens to go. Suffice to say, there seems to be a sort of pattern here. No?

Imagine all the ones that aren’t caught?

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