DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr Dre, Grand Master Flash, DJ Quick, Hi-Teck, J Dilla,
RJD2, Prince Paul. . . 9th WONDER!
Who would have thought a young kid from North Carolina, who started his career in the mid-90’s making music in his dorm-room using FL Studio (fruity loops), would be amongst hip-hop’s greatest producers of all time. On the scene since 2000, 9th Wonder has already worked with big-names including Destiny’s Child, De La Soul,
and ‘ya boy Jay-Z. As mix-master of the hip-hop group Little Brother, 9th Wonder has recently been active on his own projects, just finishing work on his anticipated ‘Dream Merchant: Volume 2‘.

9th Wonder, Dream Merchant: volume 2

Released on October 9, 2007 , Dream Merchant: Vol.2 is sure to please any hip-hop fan.
Keeping to his styles of soulful samples, drums, and melodic rythyms, 9th Wonder updates to a fresher sound on volume 2. Featured guests include Jean Grae, Royce the 5’9, Mos Def, Memphis Bleek, and no question – Little Brother.

For those of you interested in supporting good hip-hop, here are some hot tracks to check out, which include ‘The Last Time’, ‘Merchant of Dreams’, and ‘Shots’. These could give you all a good idea of what to expect on the album. It’s a shame that mainstream acts get the attention, and under-represent the true melodies and styles of the hip-hop culture. 9th wonder and Dream Merchant Volume 2’s featured artists are helping build the most poweful artistic movement today. Who’s on board?

Check out Dream Merchant: Volume 2 online and at major retailers.


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