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Inquiring minds have been wondering just where did the stepmom of missing Haleigh Cummings go without her husband this week as she was seen leaving with a girlfriend.

Unconfirmed rumors had it that Misty Cummings and husband Ronald Cummings had a bitter argument over the weekend as a pond was being drained a short ways away in the search for Ronald’s 6-year-old daughter Haleigh who who vanished back in February. However, Misty was seen on WESH-2 TV video kissing Ronald goodbye as she left with a woman to an undisclosed location.

Misty was indeed in Orlando with the intent to visit Universal Studios according to her attorney and according to her mother-in-law Teresa Neves. Ronald and his son Junior were to meet up with Misty in Orlando today, but things changed after the media discovered their plans and made them public.

Misty is expected home today .

Neves tells 97.3 The Sky her boyfriend paid for the tickets.

TJ Hart

Update: TJ Hart and I will be discussing this and other Haleigh news at Noon central, 1pm eastern, the link is here – Simon

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