I have to be honest. I haven’t been feeling the creative juices this last week. Thus, I haven’t written anything in almost a week. I sat down this morning looking for a little inspiration. As is often the case, I needed to look no further than the words of Ronald Reagan. If you scan through his speeches and writings, it is apparent that he was able to see the socialized nation we were becoming. His famous speech in 1964 to the Republican National Convention gave us great insight to his wisdom and his knowledge that we were already headed down the road to socialism. I linked a video of that speech last year here:  


What I found this morning in one of my favorite books, “The Common Sense of an Uncommon Man” by Michael Reagan, was a quote from an address he made at the Eisenhower College in 1969. In this address, he described the parallels between the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and our own plight as a nation. He spoke of how the Roman Empire declined and collapsed in it’s third century, but showed warning signs of it’s demise late in the second century. This speech was given nearing the end of our second century as a nation (1969) and Reagan mentioned that, stating:

“It has been pointed out that the days of democracy are numbered once the belly takes command of the head. When the less affluent feel the urge to break a commandment and begin to covet that which their more affluent neighbors possess, they are tempted to use their votes to obtain instant satisfaction. Then equal opportunity at the starting line becomes an extended guarantee of at least a tie at the finish line. Under the euphemism “the greatest good for the greatest number,” we destroy a system which has accomplished just that and move toward the managed economy which strangles freedom and mortgages generations yet to come.”

We were blessed enough to slow this march toward socialism down for eight years under President Reagan’s tutelage. Unfortunately, under a constant barrage of propaganda from the statist liberal politicians and the main stream media, The lazy population of bums (yeah, I said it) who believe the government is responsible to take care of their every want and need is feeling more entitled to hard-working Americans money than ever.

Our current Commander in Chief is more than happy to pour gasoline on the fire as well. He has basically started his own war on every successful inch of the private sector in this nation. We are getting ready to experience the largest tax increase in our nations history next year. Meanwhile, the money from your pockets will continue to bail out banks and other businesses that are deemed “too big to fail” so that the government can gain influence over the private sector. Our money will continue to be spent on extending, extending, and E-X-T-E-N-D-I-N-G some more, unemployment benefits because, as Nancy Pelosi said, unemployment benefits “creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.” Yes!! She said that, and of course, she will get yet another pass from the state-run media. In fact, as often as Nancy Pelosi releases completely illogical stupidity into the air, I am guessing they laminated her a permanent “pass” that she keeps around her neck to show them, when necessary.

I suppose the administration must make such moves to please the people who elected “spread the wealth” Obama and celebrated his election with educated phrases such as,“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, If I help him, he’s gonna help me.” –Peggy Joseph–

I honestly don’t know why so many people make fun of Ms. Joseph. She was pretty accurate in summing up exactly what he has; in fact, done to this point.Could you imagine what President Reagan would have said about the lines of citizens in Detroit waiting for “Obama Money”??? They don’t even know where the money comes from!!! Really!!! Seriously!!! If we continue at this pace they most assuredly will know where the money comes from, because the working class will shrink to the point that the lazy bums will outnumber them. One day they will go to pick up their free “Obama Money” and find that the free-ride has ended. That is how socialism ends, by the way. We need merely look to the past to see how this story ends.

Yes, President Reagan, the belly has taken command of the head and it is not a pretty sight. I pray you are unable to see what is taking place down here to our once great nation. You worked so hard throughout the duration of your life to prevent just such an occurrence. You do not need to feel the pain of our demise.

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