Satsuma Florida- An emotional plea from Ron Cummings and Crystal Sheffield the parents of Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings. Both were at a conference today regarding Haleigh. Ron and Crystal both gave very emotional plea’s to whoever is holding Haleigh captive. Crystal Haleigh’s mother was in tears begging for whoever has her to let her go. Both her and Haleigh’s father Ron want her back. Ron held back tears as he asked for whoever holding Haleigh to let her go. He had a special message for Haleigh “You will always be daddy’s little girl”. It was very heartbreaking to watch her parents plea and beg for her return. Crystal also had a heartfelt message for Haleigh ” Haleigh if your out there I love you, mommy and daddy love you very much”.

Haleigh went missing from her Florida home in the early morning hours of February 10th. Misty Croslin, Ron’s fiance was the last one to see Haleigh before she went missing. Misty says that she put Haleigh to bed along with Haleigh’s younger brother Jr. at 8 pm and stayed up for a couple of hours to do some laundry. She says she went to bed at 10 pm. Misty says she awoke at 3 am to use the toilet but never made it to the bathroom because she noticed the light on and the back door open with the screen door propped open with bricks. She then says she called Ron at work and then called 911 a half hour later when Ron came home.

Misty has told different accounts as to what happened that night, regarding where she was sleeping and that she had gone out for a smoke and left the light on. She has also pointed the finger at her cousin “Joe” who is known for breaking into houses and propping the doors open with bricks. There has been many donations made in the search and recovery of Haleigh. The reward is at $35,000 now. Haleigh’s younger brother Jr., Ron and Crystal’s biological son told his mother that ” a man in black took Haleigh”. Investigator’s have yet to make a statement on the outcome of the specialists who worked with Jr. about that statement.

Ron has been told by the land owners he can no longer have the tents set up on that property. Though his house has been released from a crime scene he refuses to live there knowing Haleigh was taken out of her bed. Her bed was a mere three maybe three and a half feet from the bed Misty was sleeping in the night she disappeared. The door that was propped open is around maybe twenty five feet from the room Haleigh was sleeping in. Today is exactly one month since Haleigh’s disappearance. Investigators have told Marie Griffis Haleigh’s grandmother that they have no clues. Investigator’s requested DNA samples from everyone involved in the case including Ron, Crystal, Misty and others closely involved in the case.

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