I see the “Occupy Wall Street” folks are still there.

But what is puzzling me: usually a movement starts with a few activists and then slowly grows, as more who believe the same things join.

So exactly how many are in these rallies?

We know who is in the rallies: From Fastcompany.com via the Democratic underground.

Among the findings:

They aren’t all kids. Xers, Boomers, and older are also in on it: One-third of respondents is older than 35, and one-fifth is 45 or older.

It’s not all students and the educated elite. About 8% have, at best, a high school degree. And just about a quarter (26.7%) are enrolled in school. Only about 10% are full-time students.

“Get a job!” wouldn’t apply to most of them. Half of the respondents are already employed full-time, and an additional 20% work part-time. Just 13.1% are unemployed–not a whole lot more than the national average.

Yes, main stream folks, not zombies.

But then if you check, the poll isn’t from those actually at the protests, but

a study based on a survey of 1,619 visitors to the occupywallst.org site on October 5. And about a quarter of them have also attended occupation events. So they aren’t all armchair activists.

So, 75% aren’t excited enough to go to the inconvenience to actually protest.

So again, let me ask: exactly how many are at the protests?

Let’s check their website, where one person on their forum asks for statistics:

I need the statistics of numbers of participants (approximate) in OWS at different locations. I am researching the impact of social media, participation and (oddly enough) the presence of ‘corporate zombies’ at OWS events. I am finding most news sources to indicate that there was an event but to be very iffy on the numbers attending. (“a few” “several hundred” “quite a lot”. Thanks!

Alas, those answering his query aren’t too helpful, especially this one:

Good luck on that. The only way would be for you to go to each one and count the participants, and then subtract off the homeless moochers.


At the same time, the right wing blogs are busy finding all sorts of weirdo left wing and fringe organzations who say they support the protest.

American Nazi party? check.

Revolutionary Communist party? Check.

Hezbollah? check.

Nancy Pelosi? check.

(I thew in that last name to see if you were reading it).

Of course, mainstream Democratic politicians, including the President, and many unions are on record as supporting the demonstrations.

But could I ask: Where are the union members? Who is actually there?

The reason I ask is that I wonder if the demonstrations, despite the press who loves them and is pushing the story, don’t really have much grass roots support.

Polls of course show a great anger against the government/big business/Wall street corruption pipeline, but my point is that the demonstrators are not only few, but their shennanigans are turning off a lot of Americans.

The obviously biased coverage is angering the libertarian/teaparty branch of the Republican party, of course.

But no one has noticed the lack of grass roots union support actually on the ground.
This bodes ill for the Democrats, whose left wing seems to think rioting rich white kids will gain sympathy of the “massses” who are easily fooled.

Yes, I am old enough to remember how similar shennanigans in 1968 resulted in the election of Hubert Humphrey…not.

Real union folks are not as easily fooled.

The NYPost, for example notes the fancy pants exectutives who are backing the group:

…business leaders as GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt and Blackrock chief Larry Fink have been falling all over themselves trying to say nice things about the OWS protesters…

I don’t know Fiske, but I do follow GE, having once worked as a doc in a GE company town.

This is the same Immelt who recently announced they will move GE’s medical imaging manufacturing jobs to China.

What you might not know is that his company has  killed thousands of jobs due to downsizing

The United Electrical Workers union reports that GE shut 29 U.S. plants and one Canadian plant in the last two years. This was GE’s thank-you note after the Federal Reserve rescued it with a $16.1 billion handout in 2008. A big player in the military-industrial complex, GE got over $967 million in Pentagon contracts in 2010. (militaryindustrialcomplex.com)

Immelt was paid $14.2 million by GE in 2007. That’s what 942 minimum-wage workers make — if they’re lucky enough to work 40-hour weeks for a full year.

Ironically, Immelt is now on the President’s Council of Jobs and competiveness.  Making jobs in China and increasing competitiveness by downsizing….

So until the “OWS movement” becomes more critical about their backers, I will have to suspect it is merely media manipulation by those behind Obama’s reelection.

Given the clowns running for the Republican nomination, the President shouldn’t have any major problems there, but the obvious love of the president for such obvious political manipulation has resulted in one politician becoming popular:

Headline From the HuffPost:

Hillary Clinton Fares Better Than Obama In Matchups Against GOP Frontrunners: Poll

Tranlation: If Hillary runs, she has a chance to oust the president at the grass roots level.

But she probably won’t do it, since she is a team player. And one suspects she will be bribed to stay quiet by offering her the VP job.

Yet this does show grassroots discontent with the President, and a danger that the “Reagan democrat” wing of the party might either stay home or vote against him.

Meaning Obama’s “best case” scenerio is a Republican who is so inane that the Republicans will stay home too.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She is a Democrat.

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