I am a former New Yorker as you may know. I always wondered what people meant by, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” It was such a life altering thing for people that they remembered where they were and what they were doing. Well that is exactly how I felt about 9/11/01.I was unemployed at the time and had been sleeping. For some reason the phone kept ringing and I thought it was odd that the person just didn’t leave a message on the answering machine. After about the fourth time of this I got up and went downstairs. I made myself a bowl of cereal and went to watch some morning news program. It was then that I knew something was wrong. I tried turning on the TV and each station I tried all I got was static. I thought this was very odd. Maybe the TV antenna had fallen off the roof? I went outside to check. It was secure. I then decided it must be the TV itself and tried the TV in my mom’s bedroom. That too was only picking up static. My mind started to race. Had there been a nuclear bomb attack and the explosive wave had just not hit me yet? Then the phone rang again and I answered it. “Hello?”

Marvin? Are you ok?” said Howard my stepdad.

“Yea, but something is wrong with the TV.”

“Turn on CBS channel 2.

All the channels are out Howard.”

“CBS 2 is back up.”

I turned on the TV again and saw a picture of one twin tower.

I said, “Howard where is the second twin tower?

He said, “Just keep watching they will replay it.”

I watched as they replayed the footage of one of the towers crumbling to the ground.

I screamed, “Howard one of the towers just fell! What the hell is going on?”

“They say a plane crashed into it. Your mom and I were just worried about you.”
“Why?” I asked

Weren’t you planning to go visit the underground mall at the twin towers?”
And then it all flooded back. Telling my mom I had never been to a lot of the malls in New York City and going from one to the other just visiting out of curiosity and someone saying there was one at the World Trade Center. I had been planning on going the past few days but had stayed up late and had caught up sleep in the morning. By the time I got up it was too late to start the trip.

“Thanks, Howard, for checking up on me. I appreciate it.”

I then watched over the next couple of hours as the other tower fell and the pentagon got hit and a plane crashing into a field. I kept waiting for other towers to be hit by planes. If they could do this to the twin towers what other building would get hit and fall? But it turned out it was just four planes and then it was over. A lot of people had died. And it was all so senseless. When it was finally figured out who had done this I was shocked. We had helped this Osama person get rid of the Soviets in the 80’s from Afghanistan and how did he repay us, by attacking us?

Life is precious. We don’t know what is on the other side of death. All I can say is this attack was just wrong. We did nothing wrong and did not deserve this attack. The US is a good country. Sometimes our leaders goof up. But for the most part we have a good government. There was no reason and is no reason to take another person’s life because of our government’s policies. You have a beef with our system of government, write a letter to a newspaper and complain. Or vote the guy out in the next election.

You don’t kill innocent people.

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