Lets start with flags. Flying a flag is a symbol of pride. It may be pride in a country or a cause, but it is always pride. Flags are a way to show honor and respect. But it is possible for flags and symbols to be hijacked for nefarious purposes. Probably the best example is the swastika, today it is a symbol of hate used by way far right hate groups.

The history of the symbol is long and complex, we do know that there was no single source. But it is widely accepted that it was a symbol of peace rather than hatred. However it is now associated with “white race” movements, whatever that might mean.

The other symbol that is being treated with great disrespect is the Confederate Flag. I have just spent the last 7 months hosting a radio program on the subject of the Civil War. The confederate flag has come up on several occasions. It is a proud symbol of a proud sector of the country.

Was the war about slavery or taxes? I will leave that question to let the experts answer.

Regardless of your bias, it is a fact that the war was won by the North.

I have no problem with the confederate flag, nor do I have with confederate statues. What I do have a problem is with people misusing them for their own ends. The flag has been hijacked, again by the alt-right white supremacy groups and used as a symbol of hate.

The statues have become a political hot potato, the seemingly endless series of stories concerning the removal of them from public display is both misguided and unwise. George Orwell in his book 1984 introduced us to the Ministry Of Truth, its mission was to rewrite history to fit today’s narrative.

I feel the removal of the statues is Orwellian. History should not and cannot be rewritten.

What amazes me is how little most people know about what is the most important event in the history of the country. Many schools do not even have it on their curriculum. I suspect that if people were better educated on the subject they might have more respect for the symbols that are being abused.

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