I love a good joke as much as the next person, a good rib tickler . Today in the snail mail I got a letter informing me that one of my URL’s was expiring in early September. Factually this is true, I do indeed have a web address that expires in September, and my domain registrar will send me an invoice for something like $16.99 to renew it for a year.

Some scam company called iDNS sent me the following bill for $45 to do the same thing that I could do in 30 seconds online for less than half the price.

They were kind enough to supply an envelope but it was not prepaid.

I could not resist checking iDNS out, the web site looks professional but the whole thing is a scam. Take a look at the front page https://idnsinc.com/

A nice spiffy thing, the contact page https://idnsinc.com/contact tells you everything you need to know, toll free number, email address and street address.

But it doesn’t take much to unravel the scam. I called the toll free number, was put on hold for a couple of mins ‘Waiting for the next available customer service rep’.

It was a brief conversation, I explained that I had just received a letter from the company, that’s the power of advertising the idiot replied.  I tried to explain that it was a bill, and I had never heard of iDNS, I believe his comment was ‘F*ck You” and hung up on me.

I called back, thinking that I must have misheard him, my my hearing is not the best.

This time I got the please wait for our  next available rep, then ‘extension 5561 is busy’, ‘please leave a message’, ‘the mailbox is full’.

OK, I like to go hunting, not animal’s but humans that are predators. Where was the street address for iDNS, sometimes Google Street maps is not entirely accurate.

Radio Shack sells junk, but it’s fun junk, Popeyes sells  fried chicken, while it is not my favorite eats, I doubt that they are behind a web hosting scam!

That leaves The UPS Store, UPS rent mailboxes, using suite # rather than a P.O. box gives an air of legitimacy to the scam.

This scam artist should be stopped.

The toll free number is 1-844-855-4367 9am to 5pm , and the email addy is support@idnsinc.com

While it is not illegal to price gouge people for being stupid online, it is very stupid to mess around with Grown Ups’s

I will call again tomorrow, while I doubt that a major domain registrar has screwed up, it is always best to err on the side of caution

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