The Palestinian government wants the best of both worlds…

They do not want to abide by previous agreements made by their predecessors, yet they want the U.S. to fully fund their government.

The Oslo Accords, or the agreement between Israel and the previous Palestinian leadership that became the Palestinian Authority (PA) meant the PA would live up to their end of the deal, and the U.S. would fund the PA.

The deal also included for the Palestinians’ full control (military) in some areas, civil control in other areas and shared control in others – all of which would ultimately lead to Final Status Negotiations.

Of course, they never made it to Final Status Negotiations, yet the U.S. did fund the PA based upon those agreements.

Now however, the Palestinian government, via Hamas, wants that same funding that is contingent upon abiding by the agreements without actually abiding by the agreements. The best Hamas could come up with is they would “respect” those agreements.

The Hamas government acts as if the aid from the U.S. is their Allah given right and not dependent upon any compliance on their part.

And if the Palestinian people starve – it’s the U.S.’s fault, not their inability to live at peace with their neighbors.

The U.S. has continued aid to the Palestinians up until January of last year, when Hamas was elected.

The Clinton Administration negotiated the Oslo Accords which included the aid package.

The Bush Administration (43) could have said his first day in office “look, that whole funding mechanism was a past Administration’s agreement. We refuse to abide by previous agreements. But as a good faith gesture, we’ll ‘respect’ them. We just refuse to abide by them.”

Of course that did not happen. The Bush Administration did stop funding the PA however, but only after Hamas’ electoral victory and the Administration’s refusal to work with a terrorist government.

The Palestinians are free to elect whomever they want…to support whomever they want. That, however, does not guarantee the U.S. must work with them, especially when they refuse to abide by previous agreements made by their predecessors.

Let the new Palestinian government find other donors who support their ideology of imposing Sharia Law and destroying their neighbors instead of blaming the U.S. for their bad decisions.

Part of living in a civil society means living in peace with your neighbors.

The only victims in this scenario are the Israeli and Palestinian civilians who have lost their lives in this low level conflict. Specifically the Israelis who live in range of constant rocket attacks such as Sde Boker, and the Palestinians who voted for Hamas thinking they’d actually accomplish something but instead have only delivered heavily on rhetoric and short on substance.

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