Take a Rest For Christmas; then Get Back at It.

 We’ve done a good job.  We stood up, said what we had to say, and made a difference in our government.  

Never mind that many of the worst politicians continue to refuse to listen to us and attempt to twist our words into their own sick meaning.  I doubt many of those offenders were honestly “elected.”  They were more likely put into office through the fraudulent handiwork of Acorn, SEIU and the like; if that weren’t so, they would have been a little less cocky over the last two years and a little more concerned about what their constituents thought.  But now that we have woken up and are watching them, they won’t be able to continue their game forever.

SEIU ballot fraud may have played a role in Harry Reid’s Re-Election

Whistleblower Video Reveals SEIU Ballot Fraud

Yes, we have frauds in office that are determined to continue padding their pockets and pleasing their benefactors.   Throughout history, every civilization has had to deal with that kind of crud.  It’s the evil in the world and there is no getting away from it.  But we can do what we can to reduce it, and come next month, there will be fewer of them in our Congress, and come 2012, there will be even less again. 

We CAN clean things up and get back to our Constitutional government for a time. The important thing is not to get discouraged.  Don’t give up.  And train your children on what to watch out for when it’s their turn to steward our nation.

So take your Holiday; get your rest. And come back in January ready to hold Congress’s feet to the fire.  Don’t let up – don’t ever let them assume again that we’ll just give up and go away. 

Grab hold your constitutional rights and don’t let go.

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