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New candy resembles street drug

Back in the day, when LSD was the drug of choice, dealers took to imprinting the tabs that would disolve on your tongue with things like bright yellow smiley faces that would appeal to a more youthful clientel.  Hershey Chocolate [which is my favorite chocolate, by the way, it puts the expensive imports to shame] has just come out with a new mint candy called Ice Breakers, which saves the drug dealers from taking that extra marketing step.

Crack cocaine is typically sold in small heat-sealed plastic bags.  Ice Breakers come in incredibly similar packaging.  It takes more than a casual glance to tell the two apart, and that’s just wrong on so many levels.  The story has been out since late last week, and I’ve been waiting to hear that a new package is in the works, since the similarity has already been pointed out to Hershey by Philadelphia police.  To date, however, Hershey’s only official response has been that  “the product is clearly labeled with product identification, ingredients and nutritional information and is clearly branded an icebreakers item.  The Ice Breakers logo appears on each individual mint for easy identification.”

Dumb, really dumb.

The gurus that dreamt up this concept should do an about-face, eat a little corporate crow, and come up with a different way to market this product, and do it pronto.

News Source: Fox 29

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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