I watched a great fictional documentary last night. If man was to be wiped from the face of the planet what would happen? The conclusions drawn painted a dire picture. The infrastructure we have created would start to collapse almost immediately.

This got me thinking. It was almost three years ago that Jan and I decided to call Mississippi home. The Gulf region took several natural and unnatural hits in the past decade. It is hard to determine which had the biggest effect. The combination of Katrina and BP decimated the region.

It was with this in mind that I decided to explore the wastelands of the Internet. To misquote ‘Star Wars’ It was many millennial ago that I started a blog. I had no clue that the Dark Forces even existed, nor that they were out to get me.

Due to more pressing needs I essentially abandoned my little shack o the internet. It became the Internet version of a building damaged by Katrina or BP. What I discovered is that the Internet is much like real life. When humans leave, the insects invade.

The insects in my case were Chinese spamsters. A dead blog had attracted more than 2000 spam feces in two years. This begs the question, how many dead pieces of Internet real estate are there? Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, and other once popular social gathering spots are being consumed by the virus Spamus Everywherus?

It took good couple of hours to scrape the spam residue off the site. It would have been far easier to just delete the entire adventure, but in doing so, I would have had to delete some of my very fine (and very strange) adventures.

There are articles that do not fit on BNN, and there are articles that do not fit on www.narwo.com, so I have decided to publish a few of my slightly ripe ones on my blog. Most are stories of my past, and written for fun and amusement. Chinese comments are NOT WELCOME! My kind of Spam comes in a can!

I have been toying with a book idea for some time, but I know enough authors (good ones) that I realize that the publishing industry makes Bernie Madoff look like a hero. So my little spot on the internet has been fumigated and is once more safe, well mostly safe for consumption.

If you have the stomach for it, and trust me, if you do not, I harbor no ill will. To kick the game off. I have decided to publish my Uncle Eric stories. They are all true, and Uncle Eric was without doubt my favorite relative.

You have all been warned! If you have a strong constitution the site is here.

Simon Barrett

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