“A woman in Port St. Lucie faces charges of chasing her fleeing husband around their yard in a minivan, in attempts to drive over him about 20 times.

“Their baby, who was in the back seat of the minivan, was buckled up and was not hurt, deputies said.

“Deputies said it started over a dispute over $300 on Friday between Leslie Ann Brown and her husband, Nicholas.

“Deputies said he tried to stop the vehicle by throwing a brick at the windshield.

“The wife has been released on $2,750 bond, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse.”

Huh? In the MSNBC/AP story quoted above, a woman repeatedly tries to murder her husband, at the same time endangering their baby–and she is out on a lousy $2,750 bond?

And does it not occur to anybody that the baby could have been hurt if she rolled or crashed the van? (Am I cynical to note that I’m surprised the man is not being charged with endangering his baby for throwing the brick?)

Typical of the way the mainstream media dismisses violence against men, the article is under the header “Criminal Weirdness.” MSNBC asks “Which story in Weird news last week did you think was the strangest?” and groups the story of the woman’s murder attempt with lighthearted fare such as:

 “Illinois-shaped corn flake sells for $1,350”

“Cops chase stolen doughnut van at 100 mph”

“Japan appoints robot cat ambassador”

“Wine taster’s nose insured for millions”

“Danny Boy the bird reunites with owners”

One more point–can anybody tell me what common, two-word phrase is glaringly absent from this story?

The story is here–thanks to G.R., a reader, for sending it.

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