Depends on if you are the party that would have been paid. Google, in their continuing efforts to make the Internet more useful, now has available free online spreadsheets and word processors.
    You can work on them from various places. You can share them. You can find them here. But you can’t pay for them…
      How is it that some people argue this is a bad thing? I am a bit confused…perhaps it won’t have all the bells and whistles that Works will have…maybe it will. I do know when someone gave me the gift of a virus, Microsoft charged me a hundred twenty bucks to put Works back on my computer and it has never worked the same. While Open Office has always been a viable alternative, the chance to tie it in with e-mail and chat functions means Google is way ahead of the game, at least in my eyes. 
   It is nice to see a company actively seeking to spread information (their book program) and utilities. It will be interesting to see how long before someone shuts them down.

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