Former President Bill “BUBBA” Clinton will be coming to Kentucky today to campaign for his wife, the other half of “BILLARY”. He has scheduled appearances in Frankfort, Maysville and Morehead.

The question on my mind, if not the minds of many, is what Governor Steve Beshear will do when “BUBBA” Clinton asks him to endorse his wife, “BILLARY”

Will he “SCORE”, by suggesting to “BUBBA” that he will join New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, and endorse Obama instead, especially considering that Jim Cauley, Steve Beshear’s Chief of Staff, was Obama’s campaign Manager during his Illinois Senate race? (Actually, the Governor doesn’t have to insult his visitor like that, he can just ignore the question).

Or, will he “choke”, and endorse “BILLARY”?

Or BETTER yet, politically speaking of course, will he just call a “time out”, preferring to wait until AFTER “BILLARY” drops out, as will most CERTAINLY happen?

We hope the Governor does the former, though we will understand if he does the later, but NOT the middle.

“Choking” is NOT a forgivable trait, giving the high political stakes in the political equivalent of an NCAA tournament, such as we have now, in the Democratic presidential primary!

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