By Marvin Ostrega

First it was Cholesterol. Scientists said we must get rid of it in all store bought foods or at least cut down on it. So if you go into a store today, you will notice, on nutritional labels cholesterol is found mostly in poultry, meats and eggs. A lot of potato chips corn chips, cookies, donuts….well, lets put it this way, “Food makers are so good at getting rid of it you can find any food without it if you try hard enough.” Or should I say, “It is really easy not to. In fact even some butters don’t have it!”

Then we were told saturated fats were bad. So food makers reduced this as much as possible and made there foods healthy. But unknown to the public food makers substituted a different additive called trans fats better at keeping prepared food fresh and tasty but way worse then saturated fats. You want to clog up your heart? Eat lots of trans fats. They do worse then what cholesterol did.

Now a movement is starting to get rid of trans fats from foods. I just keep wondering, “What is next for food?” Will we be sweet talked into a oil that makes us run to the bathroom if we eat to much of it like in some potato chips? Olestra. Comes from a plant in Brazil that we have yet to discover but causes our hair to fall out? Last thought made up to prove a point. The point is we are so worried about cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, calories, salt. Where does the bad list end and good list of stuff start? I have an idea. Lets create a food that is healthy for us and tastes like all the junk food and meats and poultry we eat now that we really shouldn’t.

What about a fruit that tasted like a donut or a vegetable that tasted like a nice hamburger? See how these ideas elude us? We can make a cross between a broccoli and a cauliflower called brocoflower but can’t make a healthy grown fruit or vegetable that tastes like a food that is normally bad for us in large quantities?

We have all these new technologies opening up to us. Gene splicing, gene manipulation, basically bio-engineering that I bet when my grand kids are going to school they’ll say have a hamburger and it is really a vegetable full of all the vitamins and nutrients and tastes like a hamburger. Imagine without too many calories and so healthy that kids will never grow tired of it or grow obese eating it. Think of all the businesses that could emerge. Cows would not have to die, or give milk. Milk would be the juice of a plant or bean. Hey something is like that here, already, soymilk. The stuff, at least to me, tastes nasty but hey the food industry is on the right path. Cows and other farm animals could be put in a kind of bio zoo explaining past food processes.

Chicken could be a stalk of a plant.

Basically what I am saying is I am a believer in technology. One day we will save ourselves from our bad food habits. Until that time we just have to hope scientists use processes they are starting to learn now to make a better future tomorrow.

A lot of people think bio-engineered foods are wrong and dangerous. How is helping mother nature create new foods bad? We did it all the time before bio engineering. Just look in a supermarket. Not everything comes from nature raw! We manipulated it some how. We will do it after too.

You can bet there are food companies out there right now spending lots of money for that next breakthrough in foods. A food that does not have to be prepared by cooking, is easy to create, tastes like something good and will last a long time without refrigeration? Some fruits can do that now. An apple can last at least a week or two. In the end it comes down to one quote, “I can’t wait to see tomorrow!”

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