It’s a tough choice. Who do you pick in a field like this? Do you vote for Muhammad Ali? What about Bill Clinton? How about Marilyn Monroe? Certainly all of these are a viable candidate but what is the poll for? Fans of the legendary stadium located in New York are being asked for the single greatest event held at Madison Square Garden. The historic landmark was first opened in 1879 and though it has been renovated and redone four times in the last 117 years, it’s name has remained the same. It’s been home to some of the most legendary events in pop culture and mainstream history. It was in Madison Square Garden that Marilyn Monroe gave her sultry serenade to President Kennedy in 1962, where Bill Clinton accepted the presidential nomination in 1992, where John Lennon gave his final live performance in 1974 and much more.

The voting is being tabulated for a television series that will begin airing next week simply titled “The 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden.” “It’s based on the 50 most incredible experiences that have occurred in this building,” said president of sports and entertainment network MSG Media, Michael Blair. His network is airing the special. Over the course of 10 one hour parts, the top 50 will be counted down complete with commentaries and interviews with celebrities. At the end of the countdown, fans will be able to vote for their final five favorites at

Small Screen: Elvis vs. Pope in New York TV vote (Reuters)

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