I enjoy talking to author James (people call me Jim) Ross. While I am not a Golf fan, I can appreciate the huge following that it has. Several weeks ago I was talking to him. I suggested that he write some articles on the subject of Golf. “Who would read them?” was the response I received!

I could tell that James Ross was not convinced. I suggested that he might write an article about the current situation in the game, maybe a story about the current status of Tiger Woods.  Jim is a good sport, and agreed to try an article.  I was somewhat surprised by the format, but rather enjoyed it.  All four of his books are based around a fictitious golf course, The Prairie Winds and the rather eclectic group of golfers that hang out in the club house. Literally this guest article could have appeared within the pages of any of James Ross’ books – Simon

“What’s up with Tiger Woods?” Julie asked as she served hot cups of coffee to the regular players at the back booth of Prairie Winds Golf Course.

“Did he find another hot babe?” Captain Jer asked as he twirled the swizzle stick around in the brew.

“No. He lost his number one status in the world,” Julie shot back amazed that some of the guys hadn’t heard.

“Oh,” Fred said, “you really mean what’s down with Tiger Woods.”

“Yeah, his ranking,” Pork Chop followed. He brought the steaming hot cup to his lips. “There’s no worry. He’ll be back.”

“I don’t know,” BT doubted. “Have you seen some of those hot shot young guns out on the tour now?”

“They know who the guy to beat is,” Pork Chop said. “Let him get his new swing worked out.”

“He’s getting old,” Elia said in a strong Middle Eastern accent. “It’s the changing of the guard.”

“No way,” Pork Chop disagreed. “He works harder than anyone out there and he seems to will the ball into the cup.”

“That was the old Tiger,” Paul said. “The most recent one can’t make putts like he used to.”

“He’s got the old lady out of his life right now,” Curt said. “That will free up his mind to start concentrating on the thing that he loves the most.”

“Carousing around the country?” Julie questioned with a smirk from her perch behind the counter.

“I envy him,” Captain Jer said. The thought reminded him of his days as a jet pilot with a different gal in every port.

“Why don’t you put a shot of Irish whiskey in there, Jer?” Julie asked the retired pilot. “We don’t need to be reminded of things like that.” She brought the bottle over to the table.

“How did you know that was what I needed?” Captain Jer said as he blew a kiss her way. The alcoholic added, “If I was in his shoes I’d be doing the same thing.”

“Oh, come on,” Julie chastised the silver haired fox.
“Well, I was and I did,” Captain Jer said. “Having different girls around the country must have been good for him too. That was when he played his best golf.”

“He played his best golf because he practiced harder and longer than any of the other guys,” Pork Chop. “His talents lead him to the top. He’ll be back.”

“I don’t know. Some of these kids coming up can hit the ball a country mile,” Fred said.

“And straight, too,” Paco chimed in.

“Don’t you worry,” Pork Chop assured the gang. “He’ll regain his number one position in the world. His best years are ahead of him.”

“I don’t know,” Scottie P said. The gay, retired auto dealer was a scratch player in his own right. “There are a lot of guys that want to be on top.”

“You would know,” Captain Jer chimed in. He shook his head back and forth as the shot of whiskey went down his throat.

“You guys better get to the tee,” J Dub yelled. The head pro knew how to rule the roost. “I don’t want to get behind with my tee times.”

“And I’m sure that Tiger doesn’t want to fall behind any further either,” Pork Chop. “He’ll be back.”

“How can you be so sure?” Julie asked.

Pork Chop grinned. “Time will tell,” he said confidently as the guys headed out the door to the first tee. “You just watch. He’ll come back better than ever.”

Author James Ross has written four novels—Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey’s Course and Opur’s Blade—from the fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. Join the commentary and explore social issues that face American society.

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