By Shaun Moore
As the president and other Republican candidates scour the country for one final weekend before the midterm elections, one of their key talking points is that  Democrats are weak on terror and have no plan for Iraq.

This is from Bush’s speech yesterday in Nevada-

“Oh, I’ve heard the Democrats. I’m sure you have, too. If you listen for their plan on Iraq, they don’t have one.”

The president’s plan has been “stay the course” – errr. “We were never stay the course “- errr. “Let’s just say we plan to win.”

Great plan Mr. President!

Do the American people actually see through the rhetoric? According to the latest NY Times/CBS News Poll, only 26 percent think the president has a clear plan. 69 percent don’t think he has a plan at all, never mind those who don’t think his clear plan is a good one.

While some are not quite sure what the Democrat’s plan calls for, they agree on one thing. It would involve lower troop levels. 41 percent polled think the Dems would decrease the number of troops in Iraq, while 41 think the Dems would try to remove the troops.

In the past, the Karl Rovian strategy to attack your opponents strengths from a position of weakness has worked, no matter how empty Mr. Bush’s position maybe. This “best defense is to play offense” strategy is one that the Administration has used many times. In fact, it’s the motto for The War on Terror. But if these poll numbers are accurate, it looks like America is waking up.

Shaun Moore blogs at The Daily Spectator.

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