No one seemed to notice the “Mike Huckabee for President” sticker on the back of my car until after he was endorsed by (WHOOOOO) “the Nature Boy” Ric Flair.  Once they realized I was a Huckabee supporter before that, I would get the same question: “the Jesus guy?”

Yes, Mike Huckabee is in fact a Christian and I know that alone is enough to disqualify him in the eyes of some people and send the blogosphere to defcon five screaming “AHH!  CHURCH AND STATE!  CHURCH AND STATE!  GAME OVER, MAN!”  What I found more important was that he had a health care plan that helped lower costs while putting an emphasis on personal responsibility.  I liked that he wasn’t willing to concede issues like the environment and education to the D’s.  I liked the fact that he was conservative without seeming bitter or angry at the world, and was able to articulate a pro-life position that (if you’ll excuse the talking pint) didn’t start at conception and end at birth.

I like the fact that he simply seemed like a really good guy.  And apparently I wasn’t alone, because the Baptist minister with the funny name went from an also ran to finishing in second place behind nominee John McCain, and a force in the Republican party for years to come.  But now that the erection is over, what does the man do now?  Being the citizen political operative par excellence that I am, I have three ideas for him… 

Secretary of Health and Human Services – If (God willing) John McCain wins the erection in November and reaches out to Gov. Huckabee for a cabinet position, HHS seems like a perfect fit for him.  Health issues were a major part of his presidential campaign, and one he as a great deal of passion for dating back to when his wife was diagnosed with spinal cancer.  He’s also a poster child for personal responsibility, after dieting a losing over a hundred pounds when he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Huckabee 2012 – If McCain doesn’t win this year, you’d have imagine he’d be an early favourite to run again in 2012. He could spend the next two years working to broaden his base past the south evangelicals.  Personally, I felt Huckabee being labeled as nothing more as a Baptist minister was unfair.  The media asking him to explain how his religion might affect his decision making would have been valid, but for the most they just wanted to hear him say that all Jews are going to hell and the Rapture is coming, since we all know that’s the way all Christians think.  That said, the numbers don’t lie and outside of South he couldn’t draw that many votes.  If he can broaden that appeal, he’d be a formidable candidate next time around.

The Mike Huckabee Show – Who wouldn’t love to see Huckabee with his own talk show?  Fox News, 11:30 at night, with Ed Rollins playing the Ed McMahon roll.  I smell money.

For now, Governor Huckabee should just go back to Arkansas and relax.  He accomplished something that no one gave him any chance of doing, and for that alone he should feel like a winner.  I consider him one.

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