“But before our old soldier fades away, it is worth acknowledging that McCain ran a valiant race against impossible odds. He will be — he should be — remembered as the most worthy presidential nominee ever to be denied the prize.” – Charles Krauthammer

Watching John McCain’s concession speech was a sad end to a sad campaign. Yes, he was running against history. Yes, he was running against George Bush. Yes, the media has been an absolute  disgrace. But in the end, it was Sen. McCain who didn’t make the case for why he should be president. And while I agree with Charles Krauthammer, or even Don Imus who thought McCain would have made one of the truly great Presidents in this countries history, the case was never made to the American people.

The hardest part for me, as a fan of Senator McCain, was that I started to see some of the criticism’s people like Rush Limbaugh have been making for the past eight years. As the campaign went on, the “Maverick” seemed to be more a media creation than anything else. Once the media turned on him, as everyone said they were going to do, John McCain didn’t seem to have a coherent message aboot anything.

And even when he had a message, it wasn’t communicated all that well. Point of fact, the exit polls showed a vast majority of American’s believe in offshore drilling and reigning in out of control spending. They then voted for the candidate who is against offshore drilling and isn’t concerned aboot government spending.

So now that the election is over, what’s next? I see John McCain filling one of two roles:

1. As a “Lion of the Senate,” only more specifically, standing against runaway spending like he campaigned on, and naming names like he said he was going to. You know the Democrat Party is going to try and sneak “Card Check” or a payout to ACORN in the next stimulus package. It’s time for McCain to put his money where his mouth is and, and as they say in da’ hood, put them on blast.

2. Maybe I’ve been watching “The West Wing” too much, but what if Obama put his money where his mouth is, and in the name of bi-partisanship offered John McCain Secretary of State? Yeah, I know it’s a long shot, but I also feel it would be a fitting way for the Senator to end his career. Plus if nothing else, it keeps John Kerry away from the State Department.

Please don’t get me wrong. As disappointed as I am aboot the campaign, I still have nothing but the utmost affection for John McCain and respect for both the service and sacrifice he’s made for our country. Unlike how most in the liberal media want spin the election, I didn’t vote for John McCain out of “fear.” I voted for him because I honestly believed he was the best man for the job.

But the election is over. The other guy won. Now, I just want to see John McCain finish out his extraordinary career being just that…extraordinary.

If he just goes back to being the Republican the media can always rely on when they need a Republican to criticize other Republicans, that would just be sad.

John Brodigan blogs at his ironically titled blog www.johnbrodigan.com

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