How last names are formed and/or applied is pretty much a cultural thing. For example, my sister just had her first child and they followed the Mexican tradition of putting the Fathers last name, then the mothers maiden name.
    A relatively recent but ever more prevalent naming convention in U.S. society is hyphenating the names such as was done by actress Keisha Castle-Hughes.
    Now that she is having a baby we can only hope they for whatever reason adopt the Mexican naming convention. Let’s say she names her baby Terecia Alicia. Then it could become Terecia Alicia Hull Castle-Hughes. Then in a few years when Terecia Alicia Hull Castle-Hughes marries John Doe-Smith and they have a baby it can be Baby Jane Doe-Smith Castle-Hughes. How fun will that be?
    At same point this clash of cultures and naming conventions is going to get way out of hand. I just hope I am there to see it.

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