Shoppers whipped into a berserker frenzy kept in line by SWAT teams with police helicopters overhead while beating their fellow shoppers to death for prepaid cell phones is one thing and over the line.

However, is what is denounced as “commercialism” all that bad of a thing?

Should analysts probe deeper, the discerning might discover that what these critics actually oppose is not so much the profanation of a Christian liturgical celebration but rather robust commerce and the widespread availability of abundant consumer goods.

These beatnik Luddites would turn their nose up at OTHER people’s luxuries (while texting their condemnation on their numerous wireless devices that you are to forego in the name of simplicity and sustainability) whether such items were purchased between Thanksgiving and Christmas or acquired throughout the remainder of the year.

A spiritually meaningful yet materially enjoyable Christmas are not necessarily mutually exclusive propositions.

Do those making such a claim subsist on nothing but bread crusts and rainwater collected in a cistern while wearing a haired shirt while sleeping on a straw mat on a stone floor?

By Frederick Meekins

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