News Item:
Arizona ground zero for
animal rights in 2006 campaign

On the ballot in Arizona is Proposition 204, the Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act, a noble cause, to be sure.  Why Arizona?  You tell me.  Prop 204 targets two food-chain industries, veal farming and hog farming.

There are no veal farms in Arizona, and hog farms there are virtually nonexistent as well.  Not long ago this same group lobbied for a ban on veal farming here in New Jersey, even though there weren’t any veal farms in the state.

The Human Society of the United States [not to be confused with the ‘humane’ society, I’m sure the similarity in names is pure coincidence] is backing this group, and raises $100 million a year to promote its causes, more than enough to run every animal shelter in the country, but they don’t run even one.

Maybe some of that money could be spent better elsewhere.  If you contribute [and it seems a lot of us do] you might want to consider that.


Full Story: CNS News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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