Click for Saudi Sharia Law Enforcement Video- Warning: Graphic Violence. By Urban Infidel Of Jihadi Du Jour Saudi Arabia: “Trespasser” Sentenced By Islamic Court To Beheading     

Saudi Arabia, purported ally of the West, is as far from the West as a country can be. A story from New India Press demonstrates how alien the country is.

An Indian national, 31-year old Jojo Joseph, wanted to see his wife, who worked as a nurse near Medina. She had just given birth to their son. Mr Joseph, who was based in Jeddah, where he was an employee of an electronics company, traveled towards where he thought his wife was based, and lost his way. He found himself on the road to Medina.

Unbeknownst to Mr Joseph, during the pilgrimage season, this road was forbidden to non-Muslims. He was arrested by police at Al-Azeez, and was hauled before a religious court on Monday. Full of that Islamic tolerance which the Saudis like to promote in the West, the religious court ordered that Mr Joseph should have his head sliced off on Tuesday, merely for “trespassing into a Muslim-only area”.

Mr Joseph told his relatives back home in Mariyapuram, India, who contacted Oommen Chandy, leader of the opposition and former chief minister of Kerala state. Chandy contacted the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and various ministers.As a result, the External Affairs secretary managed to convince the Saudi Government that Mr Joseph had merely become lost and had no malicious intent. When the Saudis insist on promoting their religion in the West, and fund groups like CAIR to change the legislation in Muslims’ favor, one wonders how they would feel if Muslims were ordered to be decapitated for trespassing on kaffir territory…..

UPDATE: The same story as above is carried by The Hindu, but the Arab News tells a different tale entirely. There are still elements which disturb.The Arab News states that he was a passenger in a taxi, and therefore the taxi-driver should have been blamed for taking “Jojo” into a forbidden area. It reads:There is no recorded incident where a non-Muslim was executed for entering restricted space in Madinah or Makkah. Authorities generally treat these violations in much the same way trespassing is dealt with. In cases where the violation seems accidental, authorities will simply escort the trespasser out of the prohibited zone.

The road to nowhere...Joseph was arrested and detained for three days after the taxi apparently took the wrong route and strayed into the prohibited zone of the city. The man was rushing to a hospital where his wife had given birth. Persons volunteering as morality enforcers spotted the man’s maroon work/residency visa (denoting the carrier is non-Muslim) and called police. Source: Western Resistance

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