Go Europe, leader in all things having to do with, uh, reduction (in this case CO2). The times and the rhetoric can sometimes climate-change on you faster than you would like, I bet.

Are you already missing the good old days in the never-ending climate change story when the traditional villain (Dr. U.S. Evil) was more dependable? You know, before it elected your environmental champion World President (give the people what they want, I say)? So who’s putting on the brakes now? Well take a look.

During last week’s total failure climate conference in Poznan, Poland, the climate deal brokered will allow Eastern European dirty coal countries to get free EU “Emissions Trading System” credits until 2020. They don’t have to do anything until then, in other words. Wow, is this the “20/20/20” targets everybody has been talking about over here? Then the exception part comes in. You know, for the countries in Western Europe (exceptions are the rule over here too, you know). To name just a few, Germany and others boxed through exceptions for entire industrial sectors like shipping and construction. These will now be exempt from the emissions trading system altogether.

In a way, I think this is a wonderful thing. Heads are starting to cool down after years of overheating. And this cooling down in the climate change rhetoric has its reasons, too. Let me think… Hmmm, like maybe the heating up in the financial/economic change rhetoric? Unilateral green ideology, at best always a bit abstract, has a way of losing its bite when people see saving their jobs and the economy as the priority right now.

Also, when you consider the bang for the buck aspect behind all of this recent, well, activity, the billions of tax euros pumped into European renewable energy scheme projects, for instance, have not led to results, when it comes to the wonderful promises made (each solar job in Germany is incredibly subsidized, for instance). And off course the realization that most of the utopian countries who signed the Kyoto agreement, for instance, have failed to reduce their CO2 emissions during the last 10 years, well this makes one wonder about the hysterical direction(s) recently taken, as well.

Yup, the times they are a changing. And we shall overcome. Or at least I hope we shall. But one thing definitely won’t go down well in Europe. If President-elect Obama proves able to deliver on only a small part of his ambitious environmental vision (or whatever they are calling it this week), the Europeans won’t be able to lecture us anymore about how best to save the planet. We (as in US) will have taken the initiative. And that’s really going to hurt.

Oh yes it will, I mean, oh yes we can.

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