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Resort tries to attract a younger crowd

There’s a place in Connecticut called Solair that is facing a bit of a problem.  Statistically, in the not too distant future, most of their visitors will be dying off.  The median age for their current membership at this time is right around 55.  Not ‘that’ old, not old old old, but not spring chickens either, and Solair is looking to the future.  They need a new client base.

The director of the resort says he doesn’t want his place turning into an assisted living community, so he’s trying the discount marketing approach.  The membership fee of $500 will now only apply to those over the age of 40.  If you’re under 40, you can join for $300.  The deep discounts though go to college students.  Membership is only $150 with a college ID.

One member at Solair feels that younger folks haven’t joined because they think that the place is only frequented by a bunch of aging hippies, with unattractive fat rolls and curves in all the wrong places, and the youngsters prefer to hang out with a more ‘buff’ crowd.

Did we mention that Solair is a Nudist Camp?

A young woman in her 20’s, in the minority age group,
explained why she likes it there so much.

“Unlike any other place in life”, she said about the camp,
“people actually look at you when they talk to you”.

Yep… I can see that…

Full Story: CBS 3

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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