Sexual harassment is a serious workplace problem that affects both men and women. Sexual harassment is defined as any form of gender discrimination. A man can sexually harass another man, a woman can sexually harass another woman, and a woman can sexually harass a man, regardless of sexual orientation. “Flirting” does not have to play a role in sexual harassment: simply ridiculing another gender, negative gender stereotypes, or sexist comments are all a form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment also includes the more commonly thought-of workplace behaviors, like sexual favors and sexual advances.

If you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work, it’s important to speak up to help put an end to the behavior. Data shows that 71% of women do not report sexual harassment for fear of recrimination. An unfortunate statistic, it’s one to make sure we’re not a part of. If you or a coworker is undergoing harassment, say something. At any reputable company, the HR department will help fight for your rights at work, making sure you no longer have to deal with disrespect. Sometimes, a coworker isn’t even aware that his or her behavior is harmful. The person may be making sexist jokes in ignorance, attempting to lighten the mood, not realizing that the behavior is inappropriate. In some cases, simply coming forward and professionally confronting the person in enough to stop the behavior. If not, the HR department should take it from there.

If, for whatever reason, your company is not responding appropriately to the sexual harassment in your workplace, you may wish to take matters into your own hands. Get in contact with a team similar to these Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers, and explore next steps in defending your rights. Especially in situations where the owner or CEO is perpetrating negative behavior, getting legal assistance could be an important part in putting an end to the sexual harassment.

While sexual harassment will likely be a problem in workplaces forever, it doesn’t have to be a problem in yours. No one should put up with belittling, embarassing, or demeaning comments from coworkers. If you’re the victim of sexual harassment, speak up. There’s a great deal of legal protection regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, so take advantage of it. Your rights matter, and you deserve to be respected. Don’t let things slide–help contribute to a healthier work environment. For the good of yourself and everyone around you, speak up about sexual harassment at work.


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