Some people are born lucky – it is just that luck doesn’t come to hit on them until they have suffered quite a bit. This is exactly what happened to Herbert Plant, 49, from Blackpole, Worcester, England.

His story is one that warms the heart, so to speak.

He was down on his haunches and lady luck was passing him by, so it seemed.

A former homeless man who now works as a chef at the hostel that took him in has won £2.6m ($5.2m) on the lottery.

Whenever we see people who are, as it seems, as humble as Herbert when he wants just to buy a new car and help his son – what does that make you think of? Are we wishing for that big win so we can stop working or would we, like Herbert, carry on working at the place that gave us our break?

said he would spend the cash from Saturday’s draw buying a car and paying off his son’s mortgage.

But he said he wanted to continue working at the city’s St Paul’s Hospice, which took him in after he lost his home and job.

The chef said hearing the news of his windfall was “surreal”.

Mr Plant said he called his employers on Monday to tell them about the win; they greeted the news with disbelief.

That brings us to the question – what would you do if you won such a large amount of money?

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