David Schussler

Suppose we all put “church” and “religion” aside for a moment and thought that perhaps there is an omnipresent creating and/or driving force that is manifest in each of us that we call God. Would this God want us to believe for an instant that we are supposed to do harm of any kind to one another?

In this day and age, and throughout recorded history, we have endured crime and battles for supremacy that defy common decency and simple logic.

Circa 1780 BC, Hammarabi’s Code established rules and laws that fairly decided punishments for a complicated and already corrupt society in Mesopotamia. Those rules were divided (by man) into two groups, those that could be decided by man, and those that could only be decided by God. With the rules decided by man there were exact and explicit penalties imposed for specific offenses. Most of the world uses this as the basis for their criminal and civil laws. With those decided by God, the individual went free knowing that he or she would be supremely judged one day. And as it truly is, unless someone proclaims to be a conduit for God, there can be no true judgment by man. Most of the ten commandments are also simple rules that could easily have been written by any one of thousands of people of its day. They are common sense rules that can easily be attributed to an all powerful force that guides us. All of these basic rules and laws are basic to all of the religions of the world and are all intended to perpetrate a peaceful society, and yet, look where the world has arrived at!

This is the age of communication technology where it is easy to create worldwide communication that reaches deep into the jungles, from pole to pole, and far into the seas. Where is the voice of reason that the world needs to hear? Is there no leader unafraid to speak to the world with non-sectarian common sense that is understood by all?

We are so inundated with pressure to belong to this group and that, and to have this belief and that, based on some charismatic leader, that we fail to see that there are fundamental truths that are common to all people that must be expressed to the world ….. now!

For the sake of argument, let’s agree that there is a God in all of us that is also apart from us. When we are faced with a decision to harm another in some way, we should ask ourselves, “is this what God would do, is this what God would have us do”?

Regardless of which, if any, prophet may have led us to God we will all always come to the same simple conclusion. Whatever supreme being one believes in, or even if one believes only in good will for all, we all want peace and the freedom to live our lives according to our individual desires. What an easy message this is to declare to all of the peoples of the world. Everyone can understand it but it requires someone to separate from their attachment to narrow minded exclusionary views and speak out with magnanamous sincerity and longing for world peace. Perhaps those in world leadership roles now have so committed themselves to their points of view as to not be the catalyst so needed today.

A spokesman for humanity need not be a president, king, prime minister, or Pope. A spokesman for humanity need not profess one religion over another but profess an enthusiasm for peaceful life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all mankind.

Will a passionate real world leader please stand up and objectively and unreservedly speak up on behalf of the oppressed, the starving, the sick, the impoverished, and all children of this planet?……Now!

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