He has not shown his hand on a number of issues outside his previous responsibilities for the British economy which has done well under his guidance. I suspect that the change in Foreign Secretary may also signal a change in British policies — particularly in the Middle East that are thoroughly unpopular with the electorate. Hopefully Britain will stop playing empire games — that went out for Britain in the 20th century (I recall the shock of some of my Uppingham classmates of 1951-2 who had been planning on colonial administrator jobs when I remet some of them at Oxford in 1957-8 in the face of the widespread abandonment of the colonies by then — Britain was in an exhausted military/financial state and in no position to maintain colonies increasingly restless under its domination. I mention this as it looks as though the U.S. is somewhat in that position now — with Latin America slipping away and its Middle East adventures in chaos. Without Tony Me Too to back him up, Bush should find himself in increasing trouble maintaining his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Should make a difference as to how Brown chooses to disentangle himself from Blair’s Bush fiasco. I don’t expect that Blair will cut much ice in his new role in the Middle East. He is not loved, let alone trusted by Muslims there for good reason. Perhaps I should add that my Scots ancestors are most likely cheering from their present locations — above or below. Yeah, University of Edinburgh. Bring on the Haggis! — “A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli) — Ed Kent 212-665-8535 (voice mail only) [blind copies]

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