Heraclitus got it right when he said the only constant in life is change. This is no further from the truth when it comes to technology and online casinos. As each day passes, new ideas, innovations, and games come to the fore. Some of the developments are coming at a quicker pace that gamers and game providers themselves are failing to stay abreast with the developments. In light of these developments, the nature of online casinos is definitely set to change in the near future and as such, the following are our predictions of what it might become.

Electronic table games the default niche

If one pays close attention to the games being churned out by game providers, one will notice that there is a skew towards electronic table games rather than slot games as was the case sometime back. Electronic table games take many forms, they may come in the form of table games per se like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat and they might take an unconventional form such as sports games e.g. FortuneCap.

Though not necessarily new, the mere fact that they are taking a more unconventional form means they are on a path to reinventing themselves. By overlapping into the traditional niches of other games like slots, they are tapping gamers from those niches bringing them into the electronic table games circle thereby raising its stock.

The upward trend of electronic table games is expected to continue as they provide gamers with an opportunity to place multiple wagers on a single game at once, something that is not common in the gaming industry.

Skill-based games to gain more ground

Another type of game that is expected to increase its foothold in the gaming industry is the skill-based game. Studies show that today’s players especially millennials no longer seek entertainment only when playing casino games but they are more attracted by the payout of a game. As such, skill-based games that offer greater payouts than pure chance based games e.g. slots will become much more popular as more and more players flock. The success of games such as Pac Man Battle that focuses more on the skills of the player is credited to this emerging trend.

Esports threatening conventional sports

Revenue figures from esports and conventional sports betting suggest that as soon as 2020 esports might eclipse conventional sports as the biggest sports betting niche. Conventional sports from earlier times was seen as a field that could not be shaken by anything as it attracted billions of worldwide. Though still commanding a huge fan base globally, bettors are now starting to prefer eSports betting to conventional betting.

There are a m=number of reasons why esports are now a major draw of sports bettors than conventional sports with the biggest of them being the increased probability of winning and ability to play against humans. Bettors have more chances of winning from esports because they can place bets every minute, hour or day, as there are games 24/7. However, conventional sports are scheduled meaning a certain time of the day, week, month or year, there will not be any games. Additionally, in esports, you can compete against your friend but you cannot do the same with conventional sports.

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