On July 28, at 10pm ET, MTV will air a program, “Choose or Lose and Kanye West Present: Homecoming,” to honor returning veterans by surprising them with home visits and thanking them for their service. The program will feature West and MTV MC Sway Calloway “dropping in unexpectedly at the homes of some Iraq war veterans and seeing firsthand the often difficult and painful challenges the young vets face after returning home.” We all know personally that these challenges can include PTSD, TBI, and dealing with a bureaucratic system stifled by itself when trying to obtain benefits for our spouses. It is nice to know that MTV is trying to keep the trials and tribulations of this war at the forefront of young people’s minds and hearts.

For those of you who do not know who Kanye West is, he is one of the most successful rappers in the country, and while rap music is not my favorite genre of music, I like some of West’s music, particularly “Diamonds are Forever” depicting the detriments of the diamond business. Yes, it is true: some rappers actually have political messages and positive things to say. I am glad that Mr. West has decided to give back to our veterans.

MTV’s Choose or Lose initiative focuses on young people becoming and staying active in the political process. Young people are involved in the elections and politics more than ever, and I believe this program had something to do with the increased activism among this demographic. Go to www.chooseorlose.com for more information.

Also, for more information about the veteran homecoming special, please visit the MTV website at www.mtv.com.  You can read MTV’s article about the one-hour special at www.mtv.com/news/articles/1591258/20080721/west_kanye.jhtml#

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