What Most of Us Are Missing – No Answers to Our Problems

[I am taking the liberty here of sending out as a blog a portion of Bob Herbert’s NY Times Op-Ed today which recognizes that the U.S. is in big trouble, but fails as most to see that there is no solution such as he intimates that will rescue us from our massive array of problems.

The main point that Bob Herbert is missing here is that we are now competing in a global economy which (along with our corporations) is shipping our jobs ‘over there’. We will never recover employment, education, security as long as our competitors are abusing their workers with low wages and benefits. I doubt that the European conservatives see that they are in the same boat. We and the other colonial powers are deeply resented by those whom we used to exploit, e.g. Latin America, East Asia, Middle East, etc. They have no reason but self-interest to play with us anymore. And with the internet and spying our original ideas are all too often implemented before we can started with them. Ed Kent]

Op-Ed Columnist
Hiding From Reality
Published: November 19, 2010

“However you want to define the American dream, there is not much of it that’s left anymore.

“Wherever you choose to look — at the economy and jobs, the public schools, the budget deficits, the nonstop warfare overseas — you’ll see a country in sad shape. Standards of living are declining, and American parents increasingly believe that their children will inherit a very bad deal.

“We’re in denial about the extent of the rot in the system, and the effort that would be required to turn things around. It will likely take many years, perhaps a decade or more, to get employment back to a level at which one could fairly say the economy is thriving.”

posted by Ed Kent

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