As a business person, once you’ve determined what the consumer needs and you’ve come up with a product or service to meet that need, the next step is to sell that product or service to the consumer. But you can’t make that sale without first convincingly marketing your product to your targeted consumers.

Marketing is what drives consumers to your brand. Without marketing, your brand and what it offers will be nigh invisible in the market. But with the execution of a marketing strategy that best suits your business and communicates with your customers, your brand can become nigh invincible.

So if you want to become a successful businessperson like Anik Singal who generates $10million a year from his business, here’s what you need to do to properly market your brand;


  • Keep every member of your business actively engaged in the process


It doesn’t matter how large or small their role, as long as they are on your business team, every member should contribute to the marketing of your brand in their own little way.

Because of how digital and social the act of marketing has become, especially on social media platforms, it is now possible for everyone, and not just those in marketing, to engage in actively marketing a brand. Even your happier clients can become advocates of your brand through their social media pages.


  • Visuals play a vital role

Studies have already shown that visuals enhance consumer retention, be it infographics, or engaging images that highlight a piece of content. So offer consumers the information they need in the format they prefer – Media. If your marketing strategy doesn’t involve descriptive content that’s packaged visually for easy consumption, you stand the risk of boring and losing customers.


  • Have an elevator pitch


An elevator pitch is a short and persuasive sales pitch that is used to quickly and effectively convince a potential customer.

An elevator pitch is useful in both social and business situations. If you manage to effectively and successfully market your brand to a potential client in less than a minute, that gives you more time to talk to other clients. It’s all about being short and sweet.


  • Networking


As a marketer, committing all you time and resources to communication with only clients isn’t a good practice. You need to build relationships with other members of your business environment, such as suppliers, government officials, and even your competitors to name a few. You should have some form of working relationship with every member of society who in some way can affect or is affecting your business. And how to accomplish this is through networking – shaking hands and sharing contacts. Build a bond with them. With social media, this is even easier.


  • Get customers talking about your product


Your customers should be your number one marketers because they have used your brand and have come to trust it. To let others know that your product is tested and trusted, get your customers to talk about it through reviews, testimonials or referrals on your website, your social media pages and theirs.


  • Offer coupons and giveaways


People like free stuff, so show them you are grateful for their business by offering them free things or bonuses with coupons. But don’t offer giveaways to only active customers. Also offer to potential customers. The opportunity to experience your product for free will likely have them coming back for more.

To round up, make sure you get customer feedback and use it to analyse and improve your product. This improves customer engagement and shows that your brand cares about your clients’ opinion.

If properly incorporated, these marketing tips should put your business on the path to more sales and a larger, more satisfied customer base.

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