We were told that green vegies are a must for a balanced diet. Doubt if mothers now would be so insistent. After spinach crisis, came a spell with lettuce, now beware of even carrot juice.Two botulism cases in Toronto have been linked to carrot juice from a California company, raising the number of people sickened by the juice to six, according to Canadian news reports.

Two Toronto residents were paralyzed after drinking carrot juice from Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield, Calif. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported in September that three people in Georgia and one in Florida had fallen ill with botulism after drinking the company’s carrot juice.

Dr. Elizabeth Rea, an associate medical officer of health in Toronto, told the Star, “There are two adults who are severely ill in hospital and they had a history of drinking the exact same juice that’s been part of the carrot juice recall.”

Earlier the FDA reported the three Georgia cases Sep 17, saying they were associated with pasteurized carrot juice that might not have been properly refrigerated. On Sep 29 the agency reported the Florida case and warned consumers not to drink Bolthouse Farms carrot juice with “best if used by” dates of Nov 11 or earlier.

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