The nearly one million automotive technicians and mechanics in the United States all share a few common traits that extend well beyond the profession that they have come to love. Auto mechanics love tinkering with a problem until they find a solution. They love to strip down problem areas and work to rebuild more efficient and high performing parts and systems. And above all, they love cars.

Automotive products and the work associated with them has excited thousands of Americans from the early days of the Model T, and this passion for working with people’s hands as they tinker with those fantastic machines has not subsided. Science explains that this hobby gives individuals a sense of purpose that they cannot easily find anywhere else. This might explain why auto mechanics relish in their unconventional work environment.

A streamlined education for a lifetime of qualification

Automotive work benefits from a rapid turnaround time on the training side. High quality automotive and diesel repair programs can range in length from as little as nine months to around two year programs for more in-depth study. This means that you can get started training for your new career right away and move out of the classroom and into a high paying, technical job in short order.

The skills learned in automotive training programs last a lifetime. They are easily transferable from one garage or car model to the next as you grow your career and build a resume of work that speaks for itself – allowing you to grow your compensation package year after year, as well. The average mechanic makes a little over $20 an hour, but this can quickly become twice that figure as the average mechanic becomes a highly prized asset in their workplace.

A never-boring workplace

Working as a mechanic provides a unique lifestyle. No day is ever the same because no client’s car is exactly the same. This means that every day in the office provides a unique challenge, requiring different tools, skills, and knowledge. Likewise, these tasks range from the mundane simple oil changes, to the major transmission or engine repair.

Automotive repair work is personally demanding. Auto mechanics must be able to speak with clients in person and over the phone, and must be able to quickly diagnose and explain issues that are causing headaches in their daily commute.

Upward mobility

Automotive mechanics that have proven their chops in the shop also enjoy quite a bit of job mobility. Oftentimes, successful technicians make the move from local garage employment to running their own shop after a few years in the game. The startup costs can be high, but mechanics running their own shop are able to write off some of the costs of tool acquisition, keeping all of the profits for themselves. Other proficient mechanics transition within the field and work with designers and engineers in order to improve the functionality of current and future car and motorcycle models. The technical expertise of these shop workers is critical to the design work that takes place in the back offices at Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Harley Davidson, and thousands of other automotive firms across the world.

Automotive technicians enjoy a fulfilling and ever changing job landscape. This is a career open to virtually anyone, and with such a short educational commitment necessary to break into the industry, someone thinking of joining its ranks can move from consideration to career change in under a year. The world of cars is fascinating and mechanics are at the front line of keeping these machines that serve such a critical role in our lives on the road.


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