I read stories like this all the time in the world of politics.

What still amazes me is that so many politicians come out with it when they actually mean they have nothing left to give.

Gordon Brown, Britain’s PM has only been in office a very short while and is losing support hand over fist! The latest by-election has gone badly and the fall-out could be that he loses his job, but to be replaced by whom?

The government is fighting a rearguard action – and that is down to the fact they have lost the listening touch.

Austin Mitchell, Labour MP for Grimsby, told BBC Radio 4 that there was no point in changing leader, but Mr Brown must learn to listen more.

“We’ve never actually listened and to be fair, Gordon hasn’t listened to us,” he said.

“Well, now we’ve got to listen and we’ve got to find out what’s wrong and do something about it.”

I would have thought that with Labour coming to government with such a massive victory, then returned to office with another – they would know what to put out their in policy. It has stopped and the British people realise this.

The British people are sick to the back teeth with lost data, ID cards and what seems to be a crumbling economy, even if the latter isn’t the case.

Labour MP Phyllis Starkey said: “I certainly don’t think that if we revert into an internal party dispute that we’re going to increase our standing with the electorate.

“We need to be concentrating on the job at hand.”

But what is the job at hand as I have asked? If it is just a matter of getting Labour voted back into power the Labour party have lost! It isn’t going to happen. If the Labour party say they were wrong on certain topics and will not implement them they have a chance – but that is a real thin chance because the people have lost trust – and Labour should know what that means – the Tories found out the hard way!

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